b'Research & DevelopmentInvestigacin y desarrolloMental health, ageing and palliative careThe prevalence ofmental illness in prisons isThe main goal is to increase prison staffs skill much higher than in the general population.set to recognise and meet the prisoners mental Mental health issues are one of the most significanthealth needs.causes of morbidity in prisons, and inmates with mental disorders often posesignificant challengesOur initiatives also aim to promote better to correctional organisations. interagency work (including probation, community organisations and healthcare providers), reduce Mental health in custodial settings is a complexstress factors for correctional staff and raise issue. And it brings about other phenomena suchawareness among policymakers and the judiciary.assuicide and self-harm.Suicide rates in prisons are up to ten times higher than in the generalWe also develop innovative initiatives in other population. areas:With their rules and regimes,prisons can be Radicalisation and extremism prevention detrimental to the mental healthof those inJudicial cooperationcustody. In addition, mental illness remainsOffender reintegration undiagnosed and untreated in many cases.And, Probation the growing ageing population exacerbates thePrison work and industries whole problem, posing new and costly healthcareEducation in prisons challenges. Digital transformation and technologiesTogether with our partners, we contributeCorrectional innovation and managementto increasing the response to mental health disorders within prisons. www.prisonsystems.euProjectsMenACEMental Health, Aging and Palliative care in European PrisonsCross-sectoral awareness building on mental health needs in the criminal justice system and on releasewww.aware-project.org www.menace-project.org'