b'INDEED20212024Comprehensive approach to preventing and counteracting radicalisationwww.prisonsystems.eu/indeedRadicalisation prevention CEDAR20202023Continuing Education Against Radicalisationwww.prisonsystems.eu/cedarIPS Innovative Prison Systems is a boutique research and consulting firm specialising in justice, prison services, community sanctions and measures, juvenile justice, and lawHOPE20202023Holistic Radicalisation Prevention Initiativeenforcement. www.hope-radproject.euOur senior consulting team has nearly two decades of experience in policy design, strategic consulting, training (management,R4JUST 20192022Radicalisation Prevention Competences technical and first-line staff), e-learning andDevelopment Programme for Justice ProfessionalICT development for prison systems acrosswww.r4just.orgcontinents, namely in Europe, North and Latin America.PRE-RIGHTS 2019-2021Assessing the desocialisation and de-jurisdictionalisation As part of our interventions in correctionaleffects of personal and patrimonial preventive measuresreform advisory, together with correctionalwww.pre-rights.euadministrations, academia, civil society organisations and private partners, we develop research and pilot projects,FAIRNESS 2019-2021consolidating expertise in several areas ofImplementation of the Stockholms Roadmap in cases of Terrorism and Radicalisationknowledge. www.fairnessproject.euWe are involved in several international projects in radicalisation prevention in prisons andWayOut2018-2020probation settings, aimed at developing, testingIntegrated exit programme for prisons and probationand mainstreaming new screening andwww.wayout-prison.euassessment instruments, management and staff training contents, technical interventions, and policy recommendations. PRACTICIES2017-2020Partnership against violent radicalisation in the citieswww.practicies.orgIPS also develops pilot and innovativeINTEGRA2017-2020initiatives in the areas of judicialIntegrated community, probation and prison cooperation, mental health and ageing,services radicalisation prevention approachwww.integra-project.orgjuvenile justice, offender reintegration, probation, prison work and industries, education in prisons, and prison innovation and management. R2PRIS2015-2017Radicalisation prevention in prisonwww.r2pris.orgwww.prisonsystems.euBest Practice in the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Collection R2PRIS Multi-level In-prison Radicalisation Prevention Approach is among Semester / Semestre 12021JUSTICE TRENDS // 1 7the few practices with a positive result from the Expert Review.'