b'COSTA RICAscams of which Costa Rican society is a victim in general. It was determinedHacemuypocofirmamosunprotocolodetrabajoconjuntoconel that many of these scams came from cell phones in the penitentiaries.InstitutoMixtodeAyudaSocial,quetrabajaconlaspoblaciones Therefore, the law took effect in 2019 and we had a period of nine monthsvulnerables de todo el pas; con este protocolo nos estamos enviando to implement the technological solution, that is, until April of last year.gente entre ambas instituciones. Because of the pandemic, we had delays due to technical difficulties, butOtroejemplofuelaaprobacinderecursosdelpresupuesto in October 2020, most of the penitentiaries in the country had alreadyextraordinario para proyectos del Ministerio en la Asamblea Legislativa: applied the technological solution and implementation would be completenos tom cuestin de semanas, porque hay muy buena comunicacin. by the end of the year, which is what happened. Moreover, beginning in!Es un trabajo de equipo!January and throughout this year (as of March 11, 2021), the necessary calibrations are being implemented, particular cases have been identified and the providers are complying with the signal blocking in the centres. The law that provides this projects framework established two mandates for telephone providers; on one end, mobile phones cannot function inside the centres. Simultaneously, the service must not affect areas surrounding the centres. Nonetheless, this is the immense challenge that providers have faced in recent months, since they may very well block signals within the centre, but they are receiving plenty of complaints from those who live nearby or from people who enter a centre to render services, then upon leaving the centre their phone does not work for a couple of hours or more. It was the obligation of the Ministry to facilitate implementation of the project within the centres. According to the latest data I have, we have already had more than 5000 blockages performed within the penitentiaries. In reference to the duration of project implementation, when it is only inside the institution, I think it is simpler because it is a matter of explaining and pushing things forward. The Ministry has achieved many things internally over these last few months and with this administration. SometimesThe cell signal blocking became operational in the Costa Rican prison system on October projects take longer when we must interact with other institutions, for23, 2020 | El bloqueo de la seal telefnica en el sistema penitenciario costarricense entr example, when we need permission from Congress, however, we are stillen funcionamiento el 23 de octubre de 2020achieving a great deal. Very recently, we signed a joint work protocol with the Mixed Institute forJT: Cul es la situacin con respecto a las medidas alternativas y, en Social Assistance, which works with vulnerable populations throughoutparticular, al monitoreo electrnico?the country. With this protocol, we are exchanging people between both institutions. Another example was the approval of funding from the specialFSR: Tenemos, en este momento, 14250 personas en medidas alternativas budget for Ministry projects in the Legislative Assembly: it only took usy unas 1825 en monitoreo electrnico (son dos grupos distintos). a matter of weeks, because there was especially good communication.Para tratar el tema de medidas alternativas, hemos creado las Oficinas de It is a team effort! Atencin en Comunidad, a travs de las cuales se hace el seguimiento muy cerca, en terreno. La ley del monitoreo electrnico se aprob en el 2014 y estamos en un JT: What is the state of affairs regarding community measures andmomento bastante maduro de ese sistema. El ao pasado incorporamos sanctions, and electronic monitoring in particular? nuevo personal tcnico y policial. FSR: We have, at this moment, 14,250 people in alternative measures andabout 1825 under electronic monitoring (they are two different groups). ToLa gente que est en monitoreo electrnico tiene deal with the issue of alternative measures, we have created Communityun profesional en educacin, en orientacin, en Care Offices, which follow-up very closely, on the ground.derecho, en psicologa, en trabajo social que los The electronic monitoring law passed in 2014 and this system is at a matureacompaan y, de la misma forma que la gente que stage. Last year we incorporated new technical and police personnel.est en los centros penitenciarios, los monitoreadoscumplen un plan de atencin individual que incluye The people who are under electronic monitoringeducacin o trabajo. have professionals working in education, counselling, law, psychology and social work to support themAdems, hicimos una mejora tecnolgica el ao pasado y la nueva and, in the same way as prison inmates, thoseherramienta nos permite, por ejemplo, enviarle informacin al juez de monitored comply with an individualised care planejecucin de la pena en tiempo real, mientras que antes podan pasar varios meses. Y, a mediados de febrero 2021, hemos lanzado la licitacin which includes education or work.para contratar el nuevo proveedor para los prximos cuatro aos. Segn nuestro calendario, a final de este ao estaramos ya firmando Additionally, last year we implemented a technological improvement.el nuevo contrato. Realmente me siento muy esperanzada de que este This new tool allows us to send information to the presiding judge in realmomento y la siguiente etapa sean de muchsima ms consolidacin. time, for example, whereas before there might have a lag time of several months. Moreover, in mid-February 2021, we placed a bid for tender as the new supplier for the next four years. According to our calendar, by the end of this year we should be signing the new contract. I really feel very hopeful that current progress and the next stage will bring about greater consolidation. 2 2 JUSTICE TRENDS //Semester / Semestre 12021'