b'Research & Development Investigacin y desarrolloTraining & Rehabilitationwith Virtual Reality From the rehabilitation of young drug users onProjectsprobation, to the expansion of the educational and training offer for prisoners, to the trainingof refugee offenders, the use of virtual reality is the focus of several initiatives underway. TRAIVRTraining of refugee offenders by Together with our project partners, we are focusedVirtual Realityon developing therapeutic and training scenarios and rolling out pilot programmes in correctional20202023 services across Europe.www.prisonsystems.eu/traivrVR technology makes it possible to meet the special needs of different offender populations and overcome language barriers in a practical and inexpensive way. VIRTIVirtual reality In training, virtual reality can help compensatefor training inmatesfor the shortage of resources in prison facilities. Virtual reality is also widely helpful and effective20202022for prison staff training. In addition, it allows motivating interactive and gamification elements,www.prisonsystems.eu/virtihence contributing to engagement and leading to better training outcomes.We are involved in many other innovativeVR4Developing and projects: DrugUsing Virtual RealityRadicalisation and extremism preventionRehab Technology for Judicial cooperationthe RehabilitationProbationof Drug Users Prison work and industriesin Probation Services Mental health and ageingDigital transformation and technologies Correctional innovation and management 20192021www.vr4drugrehab.orgwww.prisonsystems.euSemester / Semestre 12021JUSTICE TRENDS // 5 3'