b"CanadaCanadWe use a Community Based Residential Facilities Program, whichLa pandemia plante desafos para brindar una educacin presencial, contributes to community supervision by providing accommodationpor lo que exploramos opciones en el aprendizaje a distancia y el uso to offenders. These are operated by non-governmental agencies undersupervisado de la tecnologa de la informacin. Mejoramos las habilidades contract with CSC and promote the successful reintegration of offendersinformticas de los delincuentes y permitimos que los programas orientados into the community. Community Residential Facilities (commonly knowna delincuentes continuaran durante la pandemia.as halfway houses), treatment centres, hostels, private home placements,Estoy orgullosa de la respuesta innovadora de nuestros diversos sectores y and supervised/satellite apartments fall under this residential program.voluntarios para adaptarse a los desafos de este ltimo ao. Se utilizaron Community accommodations also support the needs of more complexnuevos enfoques y modelos para conectarnos con los delincuentes and vulnerable populations, such as ageing offenders, women, and thosevirtualmente, y esto nos permiti seguir beneficindonos de la participacin with mental health or substance abuse concerns. externa en nuestras operaciones.We recently developed the Offender Accommodation Management System, which ensures that consistent information is available to everyone involvedin the release planning process and the supervision of offenders. It providesCon el aumento de las demandas digitales, information for the placement of offenders in accommodation options thatestamos trabajando para incorporar la infraestructura meet their needs at the right time of their sentence and in the right location.tecnolgica adecuada para mover al CSC hacia un modelo penitenciario ms eficiente, efectivo, flexible JT: Given the demands of today's digital world, what is the state ofy digital. play of CSC concerning technological modernisation, both at the operational level and in the context of rehabilitation and reintegration of the inmates?AK: In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic catapulted CSC into its digital future. It forced us to assess the challenges and benefits of digital services for both staff and offenders, and I am proud of how quickly our information management team responded and adapted to the ever-changing situation. We needed to find solutions for the hundreds of employees who suddenly found themselves working remotely. In addition to sourcing and purchasing new IT equipment, we had to increase our bandwidth to handle the amount of telework required. By adopting a new suite of office and productivity applications, employees were able to communicate through chat, audio, video calls, or work on documents in real-time with colleagues. With the increased digital demands, we are working to incorporate the appropriate technology infrastructure to move CSC towards a more efficient, effective, flexible, and digital correctional model. We have alsoCollins Bay Institution, Kingston, Ontario, Canadaembarked on a multi-year journey to replace our Offender ManagementInstitucin Collins Bay, Kingston, Ontario, Canad Systemour mission-critical systemto update our business functions, services, and data. JT: En los ltimos cinco aos, el nmero medio de delincuentes supervisados We also brought digital innovation inside our institutions. We pivoted toen la comunidad ha aumentado entre el 18,5% y ms del 37%, dependiendo increased video visitations, so offenders could connect with their loveddel tipo de sentencia.3 ones and support networks, when visits were suspended during COVID-19.Qu peso tienen las medidas penales comunitarias dentro del CSC? We implemented more video visitation kiosks across the country and theyQu inversiones se han realizado en este mbito y hacia qu futuro are being well used. Before the pandemic, we averaged 1,200 video visitsse orientan los correccionales comunitarios? per month. After March 2020, they averaged 6,000 per month, peaking in May 2020 at 7,160. AK: La seguridad pblica es primordial. La mayora de los delincuentes COVID-19 also posed a challenge to our work with the courts. We expandedvolvern a la comunidad, los correccionales comunitarios son un our Video Court equipment across the country, and worked with the justicecomponente crtico para garantizar la seguridad pblica.system to increase its use to include witness testimony, appeal hearings,Proporcionamos servicios que incluyen opciones de alojamiento, servicios and entry of pleas.comunitarios de salud e intervencin y el establecimiento de asociaciones We also collaborated with the Parole Board of Canada to enable virtualcomunitarias. hearings, and the delivery of offender programs that are part of the offenderTratamos con delincuentes en libertad condicional, excarcelados y con journey to become eligible for parole.rdenes de supervisin a largo plazo. Proporcionamos estrategias de Switching to Virtual Parole Officer Induction Training helped us ensuresupervisin, intervenciones y programas que abordan las necesidades that CSC has sufficient parole officer staff available. A Virtual Integratedindividuales y los factores de riesgo y facilitan la transicin y la Correctional Program Model training was offered to correctional programreintegracin de las personas en la comunidad.officers to minimize the delay in addressing offender correctional programsMe complace informar que el CSC est viendo un nmero histricamente needs.alto de delincuentes supervisados en la comunidad. En enero de 2021, la We are now developing a Virtual Correctional Program Delivery projectpoblacin en correccionales comunitarios era de 9,269, que representa to transform our traditional, classroom-based approach to an interactiveaproximadamente el 42% de toda la poblacin de delincuentes.virtual platform environment.Utilizamos un Programa de Instalaciones Residenciales Basadas In the wake of COVID, we expanded the telemedicine program, whichen la Comunidad, que contribuye a la supervisin de la comunidad provides physical and mental health services. We implemented an Offenderproporcionando alojamiento a los delincuentes. Estas instalaciones estn Video Kiosk, in 13 locations across Ontario, to accommodate mental healthexplotadas por agencias no gubernamentales que tienen un contrato con assessment, and will deploy an additional 51 kiosks across the country.el CSC y promueven la reintegracin satisfactoria de los delincuentes There is no doubt that these kiosks ensured continuity of care and reduceden la comunidad. the footprint in local hospitals.3 Quick facts Community Corrections, CSC January 20215 8 JUSTICE TRENDS //Semester / Semestre 12021"