4 2   JUSTICE TRENDS // JANUARY / ENERO 2019 Connexall is successfully deployed in over 1000 facilities around the world More than 20 years experience in healthcare and homeland security. The industry leader in alarm management and event notification. With Connexall any prison service can actually adopt a systemic configuration Achieve incredible improvements in intelligence, process efficiency, and security by leveraging the connectivity, analytics and reporting capabilities of the platform. Go on connecting even after Connexall is deployed Any type of systems and devices can be added to Connexall, placing more and more devices in communication to achieve a full integration. Connexall® . An automation platform connecting security and correctional care devices, information systems, and communications in prisons. Inmate Queueing System Automation of check-in and queueing processes Improved throughput (bottlenecks' elimination) Building Automation System Integration Automatic thermostats' reset for rooms not in use (energy savings) Automatic control of lifts, doors, etc. during triggered events (Enhanced safety) Operational Efficiency Cross-Platform Assignment Sharing Multiple devices/platforms, single points of sign-on Automated transportation request Electronic room/cell turnover request Cell and inmate status: - Real-time information - Board display over cells Admit/Transfer/ Discharge Notification to Staff Staff notification of inmate’s movements Fire / MedGas / BAS sensor alerts directly to staff’s devices Instant notifications to management, security and first responders Automated multi-modal mass notification Automated multi-modal mass notification Location Awareness Notification to nearest staff by role Silence alert when staff at cell Inmate arrival or wandering Out of “safe zone” alerts BAS changes after alert Staff and equipment locating Emergency and Call Alerts Increase response speed Improve staff efficiency Better care using contextual data Computerised Supply, Service Ordering and Status Display Supplies and services request/commit/complete process (Enhanced staff efficiency) Automated monitoring of: - Temperature - Humidity - Supplies’ refrigeration Learn more and schedule your demo connexall@prisonsystems.eu Call +351 21 403 03 40